$50 Silver: When Do We See It? Mike Maloney


What everyone wants to know is when will gold & silver prices take off? But predicting the timing of any such move is nearly impossible. What I have tried to do is combine the fundamentals of supply and demand with technical analysis of prior market patterns. This has convinced me that the monetary authorities are in panic mode and when their experiments fail, gold & silver will be the best way to protect your wealth.

As the price of silver starts to move around – beware of anyone who purports to tell you exactly where it is headed, and be especially wary of anyone who claims to know where AND when it will happen. There are just too many moving pieces to this manipulated mess to be able to do this. All you can do is come to your own conclusions, using history and logic as your main guide – then throwing in the level of government insanity that you see fit. Look at the big picture. Learn all you can. Make your own decisions.