– USA Headed For Tremendous Shock – Hugo Salinas Price


Victor Huerta interviews Hugo Salinas Price, president and founder of the Mexican Civic Association Pro-Silver, in this great interview from GoldSilver Radio.

They discuss a variety of topics currently in the social and economic environment:

* Who will win what we call “The Battle of The Ages”, between fiat currencies and Gold & Silver

* The trend of states in the US willing to introduce gold and silver into the monetary system

* How could people prepare themselves to protect their financial future

* The world dreaming the fiat currencies dream and sinking into a sea of paper

* Why is fiat currencies destroying the world

* Saving gold and silver as a defensive measure

* “We don’t want a collapse, but if a collapse is coming, lets prepare ourselves”

* First-world devaluations are a very real threat

* All currencies are going down at the same time

* Creating trillions of euros and/or trillions of dollars: “something is very, very wrong”