What Is Hashgraph? Masterclass With Leemon Baird


The above video is part of a conversation Mike Maloney had with Leemon Baird as part of his quest to learn about potential futures for cryptocurrencies and consensus mechanisms. Leemon is the cofounder of Hashgraph, a new technology that allows us to build a full-consensus ledger faster and more efficiently than blockchain technology.

In this video, Mike and Leemon discuss:

What is Hashgraph?

What does Hashgraph do?

Will Hashgraph replace blockchain?

What are the benefits of Hashgraph?

What’s the future of Hashgraph?

The Vision for Hashgraph
Leemon Baird: So it’s funny, the ledger field is very broad, and people come to it from very different directions. Some people thirty years ago were coming to it from making computes to not have faults. But they’re also concerned with how to create cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and short term information. Or how to do databases. The database world has been doing this for decades. My interest was slightly different.

What I wanted to do was to enable collaboration. My goal is to have anyone on Earth at any moment can just wave their hand and carve out a chunk of cyberspace. Carve out a world of their own, without having to pay anything. For free. Create a world of their own and invite some friends. And now we have a shared world.