Top 10 Reasons I Buy Gold & Silver (#1) The NUMBER ONE Reason Is Simple…


Do you worry about money? Does it sometimes impede your sleep? According to a recent survey, money worries are the second biggest cause of sleeplessness. And that’s why Mike Maloney’s #1 Reason he owns gold and silver is… he sleeps better! As Mike has outlined, he believes the foundation is laid for a perfect economic and monetary storm. His research shows that the greatest crash the world has ever seen will take place before the end of this decade. Will his prediction come true? On one hand, if Mike is correct, we’d experience financial Armageddon. At the other end of the scale, he could be completely wrong, although this would imply the government is correct, that the economy and markets and US dollar are fine, and there’s nothing to worry about (I know, don’t hold your breath!).